Hobie Mirage Eclipse For Sale


  1. Easy-to-transport water sport board combines recreation
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This fun, easy-to-transport water sport board combines recreation and exercise together. Here we review the stand up pedal board…

Introducing the All new Hobie Mirage Eclipse. this is a foot peddle Stand up padded board and it's the only one on the market. available in 2 sizes 10'6" $2,499 msrp …

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Hobie Mirage Eclipse ReviewStep on and Go: Introducing the hobie mirage eclipse. share. by Hobie Cat Company. In 1997, the Hobie® MirageDrive® revolutionized kayaking.

Stand Up Pedal Boards For Sale. T he Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12′ Stand Up Pedal board. These really are amazing and such a great addition to the paddle board lineup.