Hobie Mirage Eclipse Stand Up Pedal Board Review


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Current costs are around $2,599.00 + shipping to get into a Hobie Mirage Eclipse Stand Up Pedal board (SUP). Yes, Hobie puts a lot of time and effort into making a quality product. Just look at some of their past products and see the raving reviews people leave about them.

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Hobie Mirage Eclipse ReviewThis fun, easy-to-transport water sport board combines recreation and exercise together. Here we review the stand up pedal board…

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The popular stand up board company Hobie has just released a new, immensely versatile stand up pedal board called the Hobie Mirage Eclipse. Their comprehensive drive system allows you to hop on and pedal your way to freedom.

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The world's first leg-powered stand up board is the Hobie Mirage Ecl. Now there's even a Standup World Series championship for racing boards. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse turns paddle boards into pedal boards, opening this sport up to new participants that might not be able to enjoy it otherwise.