How To Choose The Right Stand Up Paddle Board


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The main reason to consider the thickness of a stand up paddle board is because of how it affects … Learn how to choose the right PFD for you … Sign up for REI …

The first thing you have to figure out is what you want to do with your board. For all board styles, the needs of the individual will play the biggest role in selecting a new stand up paddleboard. Then we can get into how to choose the right size stand up paddle board.

Choosing the right board for you can be easy and doesn’t have to be an overwhelming. Learn how to choose a stand up paddle board (SUP) from our experts now.

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The sport of stand up paddle boarding is growing like crazy for a reason – it's an awesome sport that almost anyone can enjoy. It's a wonderful way to Once most people get out a few times, the idea of owning their own board just seems like the right thing to do but how to choose the right stand up…

10 questions to ask yourself before shopping for a stand up paddleboard (SUP).

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How To Choose Your First SUP - Extended Version2018-02-05  · REI Outdoor School instructor Michaela Carpenter teaches stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. An American Canoe Association Level 2 kayaking instructor, …

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