Irocker Paddle Board Review


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(2018) iROCKER CRUISER Review + Promo DiscountWelcome to iRocker high quality inflatable stand up paddle boards. Shop 10' & 11' SUP boards & bundles all with free shipping for the best SUP on the market.

At the moment, the company has two iRocker paddle boards in their lineup, as well as a variety of SUP accessories. iRocker 10′ Review: SUP Overview. The iRocker 10′ is a good all-purpose board that is extremely durable, thanks to its impressive 6″ thickness and military-grade drop stitch PVC…

In our review, we want to go over the features of the iRocker Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, but we are also going to give you a look at what people who have purchased the inflatable paddle board had to say about their overall experience with it.

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