Self Inflating Paddle Board


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SipaBoards is a super innovative new company on the SUP scene, and they're rolling out an insanely cool lineup of self-inflating and self-propelled paddle boards. Each Sipa SUP has a built-in air compressor that automatically inflates the board

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While the SipaBoard self-inflating jet board is certainly a cool water toy, not everyone wants motor power or the added expense of a jet drive. SipaBoards' three-piece carbon paddle, which fits with the board inside the carry bag, can be added for $150.

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World's First Self-inflating Electric Powered SUP boardWave Storm Stand Up Paddle Board 8.3 VERSATILITY 8.0 /10 CONSTRUCTION 8.5 /10 STABILITY 9.0 /10 APPEARANCE 9.0 /10 PERFORMANCE 7.0 /10 …

Still, in a few short months it'll be plenty warm enough to take your self-inflating, self-propelled paddleboard out for a spin on the water. If you and your paddle fall in the water, the board immediately powers off rather than leaving you stranded forever.

Self-inflating, Sup. Self-inflating standup paddleboards … All SipaBoards are versatile SUPs that will be great for all types of paddlers.