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Outboard Motor Stands. Boat Covers. Browse our wide selection of stand up paddle board auto racks, personal transport equipment, storage gear, attachments, and accessories, all at affordable prices.

Self-inflating standup paddleboards with a fully integrated electric motor controlled wirelessly with a remote on the paddle..

Buy a paddle board or stand up paddle board for sale. Browse all paddle boards from. An Exciting New Way To Explore Oceans, Lakes & Rivers. Shop Now! Folding Aluminum Motor Mount attaches to any type of paddle board SUP.

The SipaBoard stand-up paddleboard is unique in that it's inflatable. Of course, the board could also be manually paddled to extend that time. Should the user fall off, the motor will automatically cut out once separated from the paddle by more than a few meters.

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Best stand up paddle board rental service in the Cayman Islands. Free delivery and pickup island-wide. Height adjustable paddles and light weight boards.

Folding Aluminum Motor Mount attaches to any type of paddle board SUP. Install outboard electric motor on SUP Paddle Board.

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Updated: 2/1/2018 Choosing the ideal stand-up paddle board can be tough. Don’t just rush to the shop and buy whatever paddle board you can get your eyes on.