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Ten Toes Weekender ReviewTen Toes Board Emporium 10′ Weekender ISUP Review – Comprehensive review of the Ten toes 10′ weekender inflatable stand-up paddle board including the pros, the cons and the best places to buy.

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The Ten Toes Weekender Is A Winner – SUPBoardGuide … – What Can Be Improved. The Ten Toes Weekender is a stellar board, and I am really nit-picking when I say that it could do with an extra D-ring at the front of the board.

Ten Toes Weekender 8.8 VERSATILITY 8.5 /10 CONSTRUCTION 9.5 /10 STABILITY 9.0 /10 APPEARANCE 9.0 /10 PERFORMANCE 8.0 /10 Pros Its stability makes it …

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2016-07-10  · http://www.inflatableboarder.com/ttw — In this Ten Toes Weekender review video, we’ll take a closer look at this extremely popular iSUP board and talk …

Looking for an affordable entry level inflatable SUP that is easy to handle and performs great? TheWeekender might be the one for you. It's one of the obvious options for beginners looking to buy their first paddle board.

The Ten Toes Weekender, also known as the Weekender is a super stable inflatable stand up paddle board, ideal for beginners. Read on for our full Ten Toes paddle board review.