What Is A Soft Top Paddle Board


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Comparing the difference between soft top and Hard Surfaced SUP Paddle Boards. When you decide to make your first paddle board purchase, the choices are staggering.

But, what exactly are soft top paddle boards and what is the difference between these boards and regular ones? The softer materials used to make soft top paddle boards are more durable than those used in harder boards. Soft top boards never crack, and this increases longevity.

Description. The ISLE Cruiser Standup Paddle Board make up the most durable construction of stand up paddle boards. We took our most popular epoxy hard board …

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Stand up paddle boarding is rising in popularity around the world. Paddle boards are used for this sport. The sport is a blend of canoeing and surfing and can be done …

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Stand Up Paddleboarding Essentials: What it is and How to Get Started. Standup paddling also known as sup has been around in its current modern form for less than a decade. While soft-top boards are usually heavy, durable, easy to learn on and inexpensive.

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Received this soft top as a gift and I was delighted. The board is super stable and has been easy to navigate for many size paddlers over the past year. I like the size of it for paddling. It is narrower than I am use to, but it makes me work harder to balance which is what I am looking for.

A soft top paddleboard is an excellent choice for someone new to the sport of paddleboarding. All paddleboards should be chosen to match the height and weight of the person riding it — but soft top boards are unique — in that they feature a wide, forgiving shape and soft surface with a traction pad that makes it easier to stand on and …

When you decide to make your first paddle board purchase, the choices are staggering. You will be greeted with a wide variety of SUP paddle boards, some with soft tops and others with hard surfaces, some designed for the family while others are built for specific activities such as racing or surfing.