Ever Wonder Where To Buy A Stand Up Paddle Board?

a picture of where to buy a stand up paddle board

So, where do you go to buy a stand-up paddle board? 

You have many options. One of the best is online! Amazon has some of the best prices and a great return policy as well. That is a win win.

Some of your other options would be to visit a paddle boarding website as they tend to review SUP’s and even sell them at times. Having a great review from a professional is always helpful. Sometimes it can help you avoid making a bad purchase as you can’t always just take a board out and test it.

Another option would be local stores. Costco is known for carrying a solid but inexpensive paddle board in the spring and summer time. The board I am referring to is called a Wavestorm paddle board. I personally have purchased one of these and they are in my mind the best bang for your buck. If you are looking for performance though, I would look elsewhere.

Another great spot would be a local kayak shop. Kayaks and paddle boards go hand in hand. I always see SUP’s at kayak shops. You will more likely find a higher quality selection there as well. At my local shop, they even have some test boards that you can go out and try before you buy it. That is one of the best options. You will tend to pay a little more going this route, but you get a much better experience and customer service.

One of the final places I would go would be something like a Dick’s sporting goods store. They will likely have lower priced paddle boards that would be great for someone just starting off. You don’t always have to start off with an expensive board as you might damage it as you are learning.

I hope this helps a little. These are all places I tell people all the time to go. Be sure to leave other ideas or comments below!